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Inter-School English Declamation cum Character Enactment

SEPTEMBER 21, 2019

What a delightful and amazing morning!! Twelve local schools participated in the 4th Annual Inter School English Declamation in Character Enactment, at the Jr. School. The children had prepared amazing pieces from Shakespeare, to Charlie Chaplin to Muniba Mazari to Juliet to Jawahar Lal Nehru to Helen Keller to Mother Nature to Indira Nooyi !!
They say the voice is the most powerful tool in communication.... it is therefore very important to develop a child's communication and language skills through a variety of speech exercises from an early age for kids to be able to express themselves in a clear, confident manner. Tasks like projection, articulation, jaw exercises and exercises which focus on commonly difficult areas of pronunciation are required to enhance communication. Confidence comes naturally to some. However, others need more support and encouragement in order to develop into confident individuals.
Public speaking provides kids with the combination of a safe environment and activities they love, allowing them to gradually come out of their shells. Public speaking allows kids to contribute ideas and put their own slant on everything they do, it allows them to express their personality, boosting their confidence and self esteem while giving them a greater sense of who they are.
Arshi Hussain from Queens’ College who enacted as Helen Keller was first, Niaa Baheti of Daly College was 2nd and Emaira Sethi of Daly College was third. Students from Shishukunj international, Queens College and New Digambar Public School won consolation prizes. Great learning for all!!








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