Round Sqaure Detail

Round square day celebration

The 50th anniversary of Round Square was celebrated with pomp and gaiety on the 1st of September. The RS committee meeting was held on 23rd August where the members laid down the list of events and planned out all the activities for the occasion. The events were kicked off with a football match between the Round Square committee members and the support staff of DC. Along with the match, a cake bake sale was laid by the students themselves in coordination with the Chefs of DC. The match was won by the support staff and the score was 1-0. The students of DC had a fantastic time while watching the match and munching on the snacks.

On 1st of September, a special assembly was conducted where the Principal, Kr. Dr. Sumer Singh shared his personal experience with Round Square. He also shared how Round Square transformed his personality into the person he is today. He felicitated the Round Square members by giving badges to them. The Round Square prefect, Muskan Arora shared her perspective of Round Square and encouraged the students to participate in more of these conferences.

The next sets of events for the day were held in the Junior School, in which grade 6 students and unprivileged children participated. There were many activities organized by the committee members like, sack race, lemon spoon race, tub race, musical chairs and an art activity. The students enjoyed all the activities and were thankful for the gifts they received from the Headmistress, Mrs. Rashmi Ahuja.  Following this, there was a plantation ceremony in which 6 saplings were planted representing the 6 IDEALS of Round Square.

Last but not the least, the most awaited event of the day, the Student Dance was held in the evening. The most fascinating cake with the emblem of the Daly College was cut to mark the 50th anniversary of Round Square. The students had a fun filled evening with great choice of music and meals.
Sharmila Dominic,
RS Rep, Daly College


Round Sqaure Detail