Academic Calendar

January 2023
05 Thursday RS Heads’ Symposium
06 Friday RS Heads’ Symposium
07 Saturday RS Heads Symposium
House Staff reports
08 Sunday Staff Enrichment
09 Monday Staff Enrichment
10 Tuesday Staff Enrichment
Boarders report for Second Term
11 Wednesday 2 nd Unit Test for all except X, XII and XI CI commences Pre-Board Exam for classes X, XII CI,  Annual Exam for Class XI CI commence 
Board Practical Exam for Class XII commences
12 Thursday Winter Blooms – Art & Craft (V-VI)
20 Friday 2 nd Unit Test for all except X, XII and XI CI concludes
25 Wednesday Pre-Board Exam for classes X, XII CI, Annual Exam for Class XI CI concludes
Republic Day celebration (I-IV) Hindi Debate Classes V-VI
Practical Exam for Class XII concludes
26 Thursday REPUBLIC DAY
27 Friday ANNUAL Practical Exams for Class XI commence 
Prep leave for Classes X, XI, XII CI commences
Pre-Board Exams for Classes X and XII commence
28 Saturday Show and Tell Class I-IV
30 Monday Review of 2nd Unit Test results
31 Tuesday Review of 2nd Unit Test results