Facilities Daly College


The college temple was built by the Indore Durbar and was funded by His Highness Charkhari. His Highness the Maharaja of Udaipur gave the "Murtis" for the temples. It was opened on 28 August 1910.

Temple means ‘House of Gods' , as the name suggests the place of silence, meditation, etc. The temple of DC was built in the Malwa style. The beautiful idol of Radha –Krishna over whelms the eye.

The temple is looked after, by pujari Ram Kishore Pandey and Sahej Ram.

Along with the idol, the temple has metallic bells hanging from the ceiling. The infrastructure is like that of an ordinary temple, with a pointed peak. The steps give way to the entrance and running along the edges is a narrow path. It has a Tulsi plant along with a shady Peepal tree. The temple has lovely tiles with painted poses of Lord Ganesh. Along side another small exquisite temple of Lord Shiva.

The temple is open everyday in the morning as well as in the evening. On festivals and special occasions, functions are organized in the temple.


The College Mosque was built by Her Highness the Begum of Bhopal and was opened on 19 December 1910.

The College Mosque is one of the most beautiful buildings in our school campus.

It is located in the northern side of the campus and faces the west. It is very beautifully designed with very good interiors. The top of the Mosque has four big domes, which are like the four minars of the Mosque. As you enter the Mosque, you will come across an open passage way and then enter into a big hall where you can see many wall hangings which depict the pictures of the holy place like Mecca and Madina. There are also few small rooms, which are used by the people who come to the Mosque to get ready for a prayer, which is called Namaz. Every day Muslim students and teachers come to the Mosque to perform the holy prayers. On every Friday, almost the entire Muslim community of the campus assembles at the Mosque to do the special prayer. On each Friday, all the students and teachers perform the special prayer, which is lead by the Pesh-e-Imam. The Pesh – e –Imam of our college Mosque is Maulana Sultan Ahmed. The in-charge of the College Mosque and its activities is Mr. A.S. Ansari and Mr. Saif Siddiqui is the Assistant In charge.


The menu is planned with care to ensure that the food is nutritious and balanced. Non-vegetarian food is prepared separately in the kitchen and the vegetarians are seated separately in the dining hall.There are two dining halls. One for the senior students and another for the juniors.The students' Mess Committee influenced menu planning. Mr. Deepak Nirula is our honorary consultant.Mr. Narsimhan is the Mess Manager.





Craft Technology Design Center

A state of art hobby centre which caters to the creative talent of the students. It has spacious and aesthetic facilities for Fine Arts, Sculpture,Pottery, Woodcraft, Photography, Electronics, Bamboo Craft, Needlework amongst still arts and Music, Dance and Dramatics amongst performing arts.Mr. A. Ansari is the Director for Cultural Affairs.





The school has full fledged laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, BioTech, C++, WebTech, IP, Geography, Maths and Language .







An airconditioned auditorium, with a capacity to accommodate 1200 people is one of the crowning glories of the school. Here the students make use of their creative abilities and various competitions and functions are organized from time to time.Assembly is held here on a daily basis.






Our Daly college Infirmary has been operative from 88years, now onwards the same is presently headed by pediatrician Dr. Ankur Roy with a team of four Nurses and operative 24x7. All Kind of minor illness, trauma and cut injuries are dealt with utmost precision at the infirmary itself. We also have a visiting dentist Dr. Atul Jajoo MDS Orthodontist and Physiotherapist Dr. Jyoti and Dr. Mansi who visit on a daily basis.

The Durbar Hall

This is situated in the center of the main building and houses the portraits of some of the Original Donors and of Gen. Sir Henry Daly. The Darbar Hall is under restoration.






Sports Facilities

A Director of sports, Mr. Dharam Verma, is assisted by over 50 full time and part time sports instructors and coaches.

There is a Tennis academy which utilises 4 of the 9 courts. There are 8 squash courts, 9 basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts, a skating rink, a gymnasium, badminton, table tennis and chess. The 2 cricket green are of Ranji Trophy, standard, there are 2 soccer pitches, 2 hockey pitches, an athletics complex with a 400m track, cross country, 3 swimming pools including a 50m pool, a 25 lane indoor shooting range, an outdoor shooting range and obstacle course.

There are a total of 7 sports pavilions. The oldest Pavilion is the Scindia Cricket Pavilion built in 1910 and described by the sports correspondent of the London Times as the best in India during the MCC tour of 1933.