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SAEINDIA (A World in Motion) AWIM - Olympic

Jr. School students of classes 5 & 6 participated in SAEINDIA (A World in Motion) AWIM - Olympic held in Indore at IIST, Indore. It turned out to be a great event. Children participated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

In Group - 1 (Jet toy car)
The Following students participated
1. Raghav Agarwal
2. Aayan Hasija
3. Daksh Bhatnagar

4. Arnav Mandloi

They were asked to make a jet toy car by using a balloon, tube, paper and a rubber band. They were judged on the basis of accuracy, weight, distance and speed. Children enjoyed a lot by using minimum things. They were also asked to make a dream car with innovative ideas. Daly college team stood first in Accuracy and Speed event. In over all they stood Runners up for the event.

Group-2 (Skimmer)
The following children participated
1. Sahil Choudhary
2. Ashutosh Gupta

3. Sahaj Garg

4. Viraj Singh

Children had a great time by taking the challenge of making a Skimmer. They were judged on the basis of distance, accuracy and speed with the intensity of wind. It was an event teaching technology with scientific approach according to their age group. Children were connected with various subjects like science mainly Physics, teaching laws of motion and friction. Students found it very interesting.





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