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IPSC Students’ Leadership Conclave @ RKKGPS, Jodhpur

From 17th to 20th December, Daly College students soaked in the vibrance of the IPSC Students’ Leadership Conclave hosted by RKKGPS, Jodhpur.

The Opening Ceremony
was graced by Dr. Sumer Singh, and the conclave unfolded with thought-provoking keynote sessions.  Visionaries such as Brig Sonali Passi Verma, Mr. Rakshit Tandon, and Ms. Sevantika Bhandari expounded on visionary leadership.

During their visit to Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Palace, students pondered upon the significance of how leadership is rooted in heritage. The Desert Safari and camel ride were great for team-building, again integral to effective leadership. 

Dalians shone bright at the various segments with Rishaan Bhatia claiming the 3rd position in the Leadership Bonanza: Spectacular Speeches, and the duo of Risha Chaurasia and Ekansh Gada securing the 3rd position in the quiz.

All in all, this was indeed an enriching conclave.




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