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Huron University Team's Visit @ DC

It was indeed a delightful encounter with the esteemed Huron University team, graced by the presence of Dr. Barry Craig, the President of Huron University Canada, during their visit to DC on Tuesday . Dr. Craig, accompanied by the distinguished Prof. Geoff Read, Academic Dean, Bhakti Shah, Director of Outreach Global, Madhurima Ray, Senior Lead for Enrollment and Partner Relations in South Asia, and Namra Amrohi, International Admission Advisor in South Asia, added a touch of brilliance to the Daly College.
Dr. Barry Craig also took the stage to address the students of Class XI, weaving an insightful narrative around the profound values and the pursuit of happiness in one's life. The occasion resonated with inspiration and wisdom, marking a memorable chapter in the Daly College's journey of educational excellence.

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