Sports Captain and Vice Captain

Captain and Vice Captain 2022-23

S.No Division Name of Student Class Post
1 Aquatics (Boys) Atharv Agrawal XII Captain
2 Aquatics (Boys) Devansh Chordia XII Vice-Captain
3 Aquatics (Girls) Devangna Chandra XII Captain
4 Aquatics (Girls) Alia Ali XII Vice-Captain
5 Athletics (Boys) Zohaib Ahmad XII Captain
6 Athletics (Boys) Ishan Singh Thakur XII Vice-Captain
7 Athletics (Girls) Khwaish Goel XII Captain
8 Basketball (Boys) Prakhar Agrawal XII Captain
9 Basketball (Boys) Rajveer Arneja XII Vice-Captain
10 Basketball (Girls) Yaati Sureka XII Captain
11 Basketball (Girls) Siddhi Yadav XII Vice-Captain
12 Cricket (Boys) Aviraj Narang XII Captain
13 Cricket (Boys) Devav Singh Tomar XII Vice-Captain
14 Football (Boys) Dushyant Singh Chandrawat XII Captain
15 Football (Boys) Samar Pratap Singh Rajput XII Vice-Captain
16 Gymnastics (Boys) Prithvi Sudeep XII Captain
17 Gymnastics (Girls) Umika Mehta XII Captain
18 Gymnastics (Girls) Saloni Garg XII Vice-Captain
19 Shooting (Boys) Sahas Garg XII Captain
20 Shooting (Boys) Ranveer Singh Baghel XII Vice-Captain
21 Shooting (Girls) Manaswini Singh XII Captain
22 Shooting (Girls) Amritanshi Dawar XII Vice-Captain
23 Skating (Boys) Aaryn Anand XII Captain
24 Squash (Boys) Tanmay Gupta XII Captain
25 Squash (Boys) Prabir Matlani XII Vice-Captain
26 Squash (Girls) Divyanshi Singh Solanki XII Captain
27 Squash (Girls) Mahi Modi XII Vice-Captain
28 Tennis (Boys) Shikhar Wadhwani XII Captain
29 Tennis (Girls) Amishi Shukla XII Captain
30 Football (Girls) Neelambika Kumari Devi XII Captain
31 Football (Girls) Rudrapriya Ranawat XII Vice-Captain
32 Badminton (Boys) Inesh Agrawal XII Captain
33 Badminton (Boys) Vedant Goyal XII Vice-Captain
34 Chess (Boys) Sahil Dadwani XII Captain
35 Chess (Boys) Aryaman Gugalia XII Vice-Captain